3-D Tournament Results

If you notice any discrepancies please contact me!!! blackwater_bowhunters@yahoo.com

3D shoots for 2014 are on Saturdays and Sundays ~ 1st round counts ~ Shoot as many rounds as you want for a fee per round ~ Practice shooters and rounds are not listed in results ~ Shooter Of  The Year = average of the best 6 out of  8

3D awards -  In each class there must be more than 4 to give 2nd place and more than 7 to give 3rd place. ALL PeeWee and Cub receives awards.

Scores 2014
January 3D 
Lawrence Smith. Male. Traditional.=166
Chip Leavelle. Male. Open.=74
Mitch Kerr. Male. Open.=237 
Jeffrey Howell. Male. Known.=216
Tracy Self. Female. Traditional.=136
Cory Mullins. Female. Young Adult.=192
Ethan Mullins. Male. Youth Bow Hunter.=112
Tammy Mullins. Female. Traditional.=134
Bryan Carriker. Male. Known.=250
Jeff Richards. Male. Known.=224
CD White. Male. Known.=INC

Ellis Mellot. Male. MS Hunter.=213
Bobby Nichols. Male. S Known.=219
Paul Byrd. Male. Known.=220
Eddie Rice. Male. Youth Hunter.=243
Chip Leavelle. Male. MS Hunter.=172
Webb Babcock. Male. Known.=154
Brad Baker. Male. Hunter.=240
Jeff Moore. Male. Traditional.=210
Wenndy Moore. Female. Traditional.=153
Charles Daniel. Male. Known.=248
Jeff McManus. Male. Traditional.=132
Charlene McManus. Female. Traditional=163
Bethany Coffey. Female. Ladies Known.=220
Nathan Coffey. Male. Known.=248
Chris Kastner. Male. Youth.=189
Vincent Nicely. Male. Hunter.=220
Aaron Nicely. Male. Hunter.=249
Ashley Nicely. Female. Youth.=228
L.T. Markham. Male. Unlimited.=154
Trace Markham. Male. Cub.=180
Haley Markham. Female. Youth.=201
TJ Markham. Male. Hunter.=224
Trampas Markham. Male. Hunter.=180
Chase Daniel. Male. Cub.=207
Andy Self. Male. Traditional.=133
Pasleigh Roberts. Female. Cub.=40
William Watkins. Male. Young Adult Traditional.=114
Eric Arrington. Male. Hunter.=223
Mary Arrington. Female. Hunter.=203
Mitch Kerr. Male. Open.=236
Tracey Self. Female. Traditional.=167
Bobby Nichols. Male. S Known.=228
Paul Byrd. Male. S Known.=231
Jeff Howell. Male. Known.=242
Angie Quinn. Females. Ladies Known.=213
Kevin Smith. Male. Hunter.= 237
C.D. White. Male. Known.= 248
Damon Perdue. Male. Open.=211
Tammy Perdue. Female. Hunter.=193
Megan Perdue. Female. Young Adult.=117
Lawrence Smith. Male. Traditional.=165
Carl Mullins. Male. Traditional.=129
Tammy Mullins. Female. Traditional.=131
Cory Mullins. Female. Hunter.=200
Ethan Mullins. Male. Youth.=173


Ellis Mellot. Male. MS Hunter.=213

Bobby Nichols. Male. S Known.=219 Chip Leavelle. Male. S Hunter.=165 Kris Hale. Male. Hunter.=224 Kole Hale. Male. Youth.=112 Don Nichols. Male. S Open.=175 Aaron Nicely. Male. Hunter.=256 Ashley Nicely. Female. Youth.=245 Chris Kastner. Male. Youth.=212 TJ Markham. Male. Hunter.=227 Daryle Moore. Male. Traditional.=190 Ellis Mellot. Male. MS Known.=160 Paul Byrd. Male. Known.=220 CD White. Male. Known.= 250 Jeff King. Male. Known.=252 Miroh Kerr. Male. Open.=256 Webb Babcock. Male. MS Known.=137 Don Nichols. Male. Known.=209 Bobby Nichols. Male. Known.=239 AL Self. Male. Traditional.=140 Lawrence Smith. Male. Traditional.=168 Tracy Self. Female. Traditional.=155 Allen Spangler. Male. Traditional.=244 Eric Arrington. Male. Unlimited=193 Mary Arrington. Female. Hunter.=190 LT Markham. Male. Unlimited=186 Haley Markham. Female. Youth.=185 Trace Markham. Male. Cub.=181 Charlen McManus. Female. Traditional.=167 Jeff McManus. Male. Traditional.=125 Wendy Moore. Female. Traditional.=141 Jeff Moore. Male. Traditional.=191 Ryan Brandt. Male. Hunter.=INC Eddie Rice. Male. Youth.=229 Sawyer Rice. Male. Cub.=244 Rick Teague. Male. Traditional.=119 Andy Self. Male. Traditional.=164 Pasleigh Roberts. Female. Cub.=41 Adam Blackwell. Male. Hunter.=207 Steve Blackwell. Male. Open.=236 Jared Chisom. Male. Traditional.=223 Carl Mullins. Male. Traditional.=177

Tammy Mullins. Female. Traditional.=141

Cory Mullins. Female. Hunter.=203

Ethan Mullins. Male. Youth.=160

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