Community Outreach

If there is an event you would like us to attend and help with please contact our Event Coordinator at

2012 JAKE's Event - Ellis Mellott getting setup and A.L. Self showing a youngster how to shoot archery. We helped to keep the tradition of archery alive to 220 children on September the 15th of 2012.

On May 25th, 2012 Blackwater Bowhunters, Inc. along with Parker Bows traveled to the 4-H Center on Smith Mountain Lake to help the Freedom Alliance and the Disabled Veterans. 

The HuntFest at the Roanoke Civic Center. (Top Left) Blackwater Bowhunters greated and handed out over 2,500 fliers and could have had more. (Top Right) P/R Officer, Dianne Teague meets Randy Oitker. (Bottom Left) Member Lawrence "Lighting" Smith fills in at the Fishing Rodeo when they needed help. (Bottom Right) P/R Dianne Teague, Secretary Tracy Self and Treasurer Aubrey Self set up the booth and got ready for a long weekend. We want to thank everyone that meet with us.

Blackwater Bowhunters, Inc. held their monthly 3-D tournament on April 9th and 10th of 2011, with part of the proceeds going to the Franklin County High School’s Archery Team. The Archery Team traveled to the State Archery Tournament where they qualified for the National Competition in Louisville, KY. With the shortage of school funds, they have to raise money to make the trip on May 13th thru 15th. When the Archery Team contacted Blackwater Bowhunters, Inc., the Secretary, Treasurer, and the Tournament Director visited them to find out what was needed. The 18 archers with less than enough bows, arrows and other equipment were sharing. Any and all contributions were very much appreciated.

Blackwater Bowhunters, Inc. and Fatboy's Roadhouse helped Stepping Stones (Franklin County's Soup Kitchen) serve 131 people on Christmas Eve 2010.

We set up and tought 9th grade students about the safety and health benifits of archery during the Franklin County High School Health Fair in the Spring of 2011.
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